Jack Atlas

Jack Atlas is known as the "Absolute King of the Riding Duel", and was once Yusei's best friend, but they became bitter rivals after Jack stole Yusei's Stardust Dragon and Duel Runner and left for New Domino City. Now, as a former resident of Satellite, he must hide his past from the rest of society. He is very arrogant and overconfident, but still has a strong conscience and changes his ways after meeting Carly Carmine. His signature card is also a Synchro monster, Red Dragon Archfiend (Red Demon's Dragon in the Japanese version). He plays a "Swarm" Deck, focusing on quickly Tuning weaker monsters together to summon his Dragon. Jack is one of the five Signers, the chosen ones of the People of the Stars, and carries the Crimson Dragon's Wings. His Dark Signer Enemy is Carly, whom he remorsefully defeats in Episode 59.He is voiced by Ted Lewis in the English version and Takanori Hoshino in the Japanese version.

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